Hello there!

I'm William,

Junior UX Designer
AR/VR Enthusiast
IoT Explorer
Home Chef
Junior UX Designer

Multidisciplinary junior user experience designer

best at design strategy, UX research, and end-to-end UX

Academic Captsone

Find Your Color

Product Design • Content Design • End-to-End UX Process

A career workbook toolkit to help young designers and design students find their professional identity in the diverse field of User Experience.


Innovation Accelerator

Product Design Strategy • End-to-End UX

A self-directed Virtual Internship Program through Sheridan College where we explored, designed, and prototyped a winning solution with Canadian Film Fest.

Academic Project

Interactive Shot Chart

Data Visualization • UI Design • End-to-End UX

A graphical and intuitive interactive web app chart displaying game winning shot attempts from the 2014-2015 NBA season.



Prototyping • UX • UI

Conceptualizing and prototyping a mentor ticket system into a hackathon user flow for future iterations of Hackademics events at Sheridan College.